the thin chef

About the Thin Chef

Hi there. I’m Katie Farmand. I’m not a chef, but I am indeed quite thin, which is why the nickname began. My brother-in-law Chris was amused by the contrast of my slender build and my voracious appetite for good food. Turns out, I just have skinny genes. They say you can never trust a thin chef, but they never said anything about someone who just lucked out in the gene pool.

This site is a collection of {mostly} my own recipes, interspersed with dishes from cookbooks and other blogs and web sites. I started blogging as a way to share my passion for all things edible, but also as a way to encourage my friends to be intrepid in the kitchen. Cooking is more than a set list of ingredients and instructions. It’s a creative outlet, a source of comfort, a way to show love, and a means of entertainment. I think food is much more than just sustenance—it is innately tied to culture, and I love to explore the effects it has on communities, the country, and the whole world.

This certainly isn’t a diet blog—my intent is not to cook food that will make you thin, but I do have a passion for healthful eating. Not low-calorie, or low-fat, but food that is real, whole, and fuels your body. Just as much as I love cooking quinoa, tofu, and kale, I enjoy a big piece of deep-fried chicken, a bowl of salty queso dip, or a hot dog at the ballpark. It’s all about moderation, and it’s all about enjoying life via food.

I am completely enamored with the slow food movement. Supporting local farms and food producers is not just a great way to eat the freshest, best-tasting stuff around. It’s a way to sustain and champion your neighbors as they endeavor to provide good, clean food for their community. Join me, won’t you?

Please drop a line to say hello, and share your passions, questions, or general musings. I’d love to hear from you! KatieFarmand{at}gmail{dot}com